There are many times when IT projects seem to be never-ending with a stream of modification requests and evolving requirements known as Scope Creep. This can be a real headache for any IT manager or in-house developer. Often the rules changing so often that it is hard to know where the finish line might be!

AnooshTech Manages Projects from a perspective that allows us to keep a close eye on our performance relative to the milestones agreed with you and the completion date. We have proper project methodologies for managing our projects so that clients can be fully informed throughout and that we reach those mutually agreed milestones in a timely manner.

AnooshTech has specific experience in the Agile development process as well as any other standard IT processes; for example, Water Fall.

Collaboration and Communication

Our collaboration with you is intended to bring stability to your Cost structure and offer you more Control over the development of your products. Your input is essential to the success of our projects so we ensure a proper and effective communications and project Reports.

We document all our software changes fully and design it intelligently with future enhancements in mind. Our careful approach produces robust, extremely functional software which is economic in coding and addresses all the needs of the business or organization it will serve.

Whether you need High Quality Software or improve existing developed software, AnooshTech produces a variety of innovative software solutions for medium–large businesses across Canada and the United States. Our main aim is to become part of your organization and partner to improve your existing development processes. Our capabilities range from undertaking discrete projects within a larger development program, to managing the complete process of application development from Design to Delivery.